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    The whole view of Waitan
    ( old Bund ) (54k)
    You see the government related buildings along Zhongshan Road. (42k)
    Suzhou Creek (68k)
    Waibaidu Bridge and Shanghai Mansions
    ( old Garden Bridge and Broadway Mansions ) (56k)
    Peace Hotel
    ( old Cathay Hotel ) (58k)
    The intersection where Zhongshan Road which runs along Huangpu River and Nanjing Road, a main street, cross. (61k)
    Down town in Yuqing Fang where Mitsuharu Kaneko, a poet, used to live. (54k)
    Now civiians live at West Honganji Temple (63k)
    There were caves where people used to inhale hasheesh and casinos at the Great World.
    ( old Duska ) (53k)
    Longmen Junior High School
    / One of the three mafia bossees in Shanghai sysndicate's house (60k)


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