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    Qianmen Gate
    / used to be nine gates around the forbidden city.(49k)
    Great Hall of the People is where the Diet is held. (47k)
    Tiananmen Square is a historical sight in China, where various historical events took place. (38k) Monument to the People's Heroes and Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall
    / Mao Zedong rests in peace at Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall. (31k)
    Tiananmen Gate
    / The construction of Forbidden City began during the Ming dynasty (1407). (52k)
    Tiananmen Gate
    / Mao Zendong declared the founding of the state of China on Oct,1 ,1949.(56k)
    Tiananmen Gate
    / The portrait of Mao Zedong placed on the wall of Tiannmen Gate in the center of the gate. (34k)
    The portrait of Sun Yatsen who is the father of the revolution at Tiananmen Square on May Day.
    Overviewing Tiananmen Square from the top of Tiananmen Gate Tower (41k) At Forbiddn City Hall of Supreme Harmony, various rituals took place during the Ming and Qing period. (52k)
    Hall of Supreme Harmony
    / various rituals took place during Ming and Qing period.(46k)
    Palace of Heavenly Purity / Emperor's Chair (63k)
    The statue of Lion placed in front of the Gate of Heavenly Purity. (58k) The statue of Kylin at the flower garden. (57k)
    Hall of Heavenly and Terrestrial Union
    / The ornamental design of the Dragon (Emperor) and Phoenix (Empress) on the doors (68k)
    Hall of Mental Cultivation
    / the Emperor's private house (73k)
    Nine-Dragon Wall
    / The wall is decorated in lapis and is 29.4 meters long. (55k)
    Gate of Peaceful Longevity
    / These buildings had built for Emperor Qianlong as his retreat. (48k)
    The well of the Concubine Zhen
    / The Concubine Zhen who is a sweetheart of Emperor Guangxu was killed to throw into the well during the chaos in 1990. (38k)
    Forbidden City's rooftop and Arbor of Ten Thousand Spring in Jingshan Hill (57k)
    You can overview Forbidden City from the top of Arbor of Ten Thousand Spring in Jingshan Hill. (40k) North Lake Park (47k)
    Temple of Heaven and Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
    / The Sacred precincts where the Emperor prayed for good harvests. (36k)
    Small shrine of Wen Tianxiang
    / He was a loyal subject in Nansong period.(53k)
    Small shrine of Wen Tianxiang
    / The stone monument carving Wen Tianxiang. (44k)
    Small shrine of Wen Tianxiang
    / His poems put on the wall. (43k)
    The ruins of the walls of the Daidu Castle which was built in Yuan period. (29k) Baiyunguan (White Cloud) Taoist Temple (57k)
    An old man plays the Erhu under the tree. (39k) Beijing Station (38k)
    Chang Ling Tomb
    / The grave of the Emperor Yongle who was the third emperor of the Ming period. (54k)
    Juyongguan Pass
    / The relief of the statue of Four Devas which is placed on the way to the Great Wall. (47k)
    Badaling Section of The Great Wall (44k) The great wall was built to prevent from the northern nation's invading. (53k)
    Lugouqiao Bridge
    / Marco polo sang the praises of its beauty when he visited the China during Yuan period. (33k)
    Lugouqiao Bridge
    / well known for the place where happened the Japan - China war. (34k)
    Zhuo Xian
    / The stone monument of Liu Bei who is one of the heroes of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. You can see this at his hometown. (40k)
    Zhuo Xian
    / Sanyi Miao was built to be based on the story of Liu BeiÅAGuan WuÅAZhang Fei that they pledged to be a sworn brother. (35k)

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